Flash info:  mon ouvrage intitulé « Le Guide de L’utilisateur » vient d’être cédé aux Editions ADA à Montréal pour sa promotion au Canada. Il sera donc en vente sur place à partir de mars 2019 sous pavillon canadien! S’il se vend bien, les autres livres seront également exploités depuis Montréal.  Merci à nos ami(e)s canadiens. En espérant que cette avancée permette de s’implanter également sur le marché nord-américain…

Breaking news: my second book entitled « Le Guide de L’utilisateur », also labelled as « The user’s Guide » abroad, has just been shortlisted by a famous Montréal-based publisher,  namely ADA ,to get promoted overseas. This book will  be sold in Canada from march 2019! If it sells well, the others might follow suit…Thank you ever so much to our canadian’s friends. I also keep my fingers crossed that it might soon make inroads into the US market…

Excellente nouvelle: trois des livres que je vous présente dans cette rubrique seront traduits en portugais prochainement et disponibles à la vente au Brésil pour début 2020. Les heureux élus sont donc  « Le Guide de L’utilisateur », « Les Grandes Thématiques » et enfin « Tirages et Interprétations: Perfectionnement ».

Fantastic news: three of the books I have written will soon be translated into Portuguese so as to be sold in Brazil from 2020 onwards. The « nominees » are « Le Guide de L’utilisateur », « Les Grandes Thématiques » and last but not least « Tirages et Interprétations: Perfectionnement ».




Nouveauté 2018 !




Tarot et santé – Symbolique médicale et arcanes majeurs
Parisse Florian


Dans ce bel ouvrage entièrement dédié à la santé, l’auteur parvient à marier le langage médical au graphisme de chaque arcane majeur. La richesse iconographique du tarot recèle l’ADN de l’humanité ; ces images sont si parlantes qu’elles retranscrivent l’ensemble des pathologies. Chaque lame, à l’instar d’une œuvre de maître, entre en résonance avec notre tableau clinique et notre historique médical. Ce manuel est inédit tant par les thématiques de santé qui y sont traitées que par son approche. L’auteur livre une étude pointue sur le transposé médical de chacun des 22 arcanes majeurs sous le prisme de la symbolique, et l’interprétation approfondie des 462 binômes de santé. Afin de faciliter leur assimilation, les lames du tarot sont littéralement « passées à la loupe » de façon à porter l’attention des lecteurs sur les détails signifiants. Fruit d’une somme colossale de recherches et d’observations au fil des années, cet ouvrage constitue une aide précieuse pour toutes celles et ceux qui désirent interpréter un tirage de tarot sur la santé. Sans avoir la prétention de se substituer à un « diagnostic » établi par un homme de l’art, ce guide a l’indéniable mérite d’offrir à tous les passionnés du tarot de Marseille un outil de prévention, une orientation médicale et de sérieuses pistes de réflexion.

This brand new book on health is by far one of my favorite! Apart from a couple of French authors who once briefly touched upon the subject, this very sensitive matter has seldom been dealt with so far. Health has always been close to my heart because it fascinates as much as it threatens every one of us. Although I realized soon enough there was very little literature on the subject, my “followers” often complained about it; indeed, some of the messages I received a few years ago prompted me to start this new opus without further delay.

In this freshly-written book, I look into the 22 major arcana from a medical perspective. Every single arcana is treated as follows: starting with a short section called “in the twinkling of an eye” in which I look at the most common meanings pertaining to the 22 arcana in terms of health, we then move on to an in-depth analysis entitled “A la loupe” whereby I literary scan each tarot card within its medical context so as to reveal their deeper meanings. Also note that several small magnifying pictures have been drawn in the margin in order to help any reader zoom on minute details and look at them very closely from a pure medical viewpoint.

Last but not least, I have devoted much time to the final section named “En tandem”; the main purpose of this ultimate section consists of delving into the 462 possible combinations by pairing the 22 major arcana together, a massive research task which provides any tarot learner with a vast array of diseases one is likely to face in their lifetime. Of course, every combination thus produced offers more than one scenario, according to the medical area.

Since I am neither a Professor of Medicine nor a General Practitioner I am not entitled to deliver any medical diagnosis. This amazing book solely attempts to guide us through a set of medical archetypes encoded in the major arcana of the Tarot de Marseille. I personally regard it as a medical aid for whoever wants to read a tarot draw on health.



Paru en septembre 2016 !



Tarot de Marseille – Tirages et interprétations – Perfectionnement
Parisse Florian


Le quatrième opus de Florian Parisse sur le tarot de Marseille vous permettra de passer de la théorie à la pratique. Il s’agit d’un livre de terrain qui offre à tout un chacun la possibilité de parfaire ses connaissances en situation réelle. Quatre types de tirage sont abordés, du plus simple au plus complexe (à la carte, binômes, en ligne, en croix), en s’appuyant essentiellement sur un florilège de cas pratiques issus des ateliers de tarot que dispense l’auteur. Que vous soyez grand débutant, simple amateur ou praticien du tarot de Marseille, vous trouverez dans ces pages un supplément d’apprentissage correspondant à votre niveau. Pour celui qui entend étudier le tarot de Marseille à des fins divinatoires et donner davantage de relief à ses propres tirages, cet outil de travail « clé en main » deviendra vite indispensable. Les subtilités et les automatismes y sont assimilés et intégrés in situ. Telle une méthode d’assimilation progressive, les 130 cas pratiques répertoriés dans cet ouvrage vous permettront d’avancer à votre rythme tout en déjouant les pièges les plus fréquemment rencontrés dans la pratique du tarot de Marseille.

Here is a complete learning method that puts into practice most of the teachings I provide in my tarot workshops. I present you with four Tarot draws ranging from the one card draw to the cross Spread including several degrees of difficulties. The book explains every single draw in details and interprets them in situ. This nice book is a self-teaching method including 130 exercises and answers in order to guide you every step of the way. A very good purchase to easily and gradually hone your skills as a tarot-reader.

If you want to be able to read your tarot draws successfully, you really need to practice as much as you can; this is the reason why I thought it advisable to provide you with my field experience…

A tabular presentation classifies the 22 major arcana from the onset of the book, a wonderful way to capture the inner soul of each card, especially for the true beginners.



Paru en Novembre 2015!



Tarot de Marseille – Les grandes thématiques
Parisse Florian


Après le succès du « Guide d’interprétation des 462 binômes » et du « Guide de l’utilisateur », Florian Parisse complète une trilogie sur le tarot de Marseille qui contribue à restituer à celui-ci ses lettres de noblesse, loin des lieux communs et des clichés habituels. Au gré de votre lecture, vous découvrirez que chaque arcane majeur renferme une mosaïque de significations très diverses selon le contexte, ne se limitant pas à une pensée unique. Accessible quels que soient votre niveau, votre profil ou votre parcours professionnel, cet ouvrage moderne aborde une grande variété de thématiques de la vie quotidienne en phase avec la société actuelle : habitat, loisirs, grossesse, école, argent, justice, politique, psychologie, nature, technologie, etc. Articulé autour de 27 chapitres clés, chacun traitant d’un sujet précis et de son champ sémantique, ce livre vous permettra d’apporter un supplément d’âme aux interprétations de vos tirages de tarot. Résultat d’une somme colossale d’observations issues de plusieurs milliers de consultations, Florian Parisse dévoile un ouvrage étonnant de précision, avec une kyrielle de détails inédits que seul un praticien en exercice est capable de fournir. Ce livre fera le plaisir de toutes celles et ceux qui cherchent à se former ou à se perfectionner dans la pratique de ce bel outil divinatoire.

This third tarot book was published in November 2015 and covers a vast array of contemporary topics from ordinary family matters such as housing, birth, marriage etc… to most unusual themes such as fashion, justice, religion, modern technologies, clairvoyance or even mythology. Some of the topics that are being dealt with have never been addressed before in any other tarot manual whatsoever!

How should one use this third book?  Above all, this amazing manual comes in very handy when you get stuck in front of your draw. This book is a real treasure-trove for any tarot-reader, especially for true beginners who want to broaden their scope. Supposing you want to deepen your knowledge and learn more about gastronomy or modern technologies, but you suddenly realize you are at a complete loss when it comes to working out which ones of the key arcana are pertaining to your topic; Relax, no panic! Go to the section dealing with the subject-matter you are studying and you will hopefully glean some very useful information to help you read your draw like an expert. It is as simple as it gets.

Every chapter focuses on a specific topic, with an accurate description of the key arcana by way of introduction to the chapter. Each section explores many interesting avenues relevant to the major topic. The cards are drawn in the margin so as to make it easier for the user to remember them in situ.

Also note that the author’s foreword traces the history of tarot from the Italian Renaissance onwards up till now. Strongly inspired by a TV documentary shown on Arte, subtitled in French as “les mystères du tarot de Marseille”, the preface points out striking resemblances between some of the paintings by Botticceli and the incredible findings of Zsuzsanna Wierdl, a Hungarian archeologist, who renovated a mural painting depicting the arcana 14 designed as Temperance. I warmly recommend any tarot-reader to pay particular attention to this introductory passage before moving on to the first chapter!

In short, this is a wonderful book that addresses several themes, unveiling so many unknown meanings in its wake.



Paru en Mars 2014.

Toujours disponible… Ré-imprimé pour la troisième fois !



Tarot de Marseille – Guide de l’utilisateur
Parisse Florian


Après le succès de son premier ouvrage «Tarot de Marseille – Guide d’interprétation des 462 binômes», Florian Parisse nous présente aujourd’hui un manuel pratique destiné aux usagers du Tarot de Marseille. L’auteur consacre la première partie de son «Guide de l’utilisateur» à brosser le portrait-robot des 22 arcanes majeurs sous forme de fiches signalétiques très complètes et d’une grande originalité, permettant aux grands débutants de saisir toutes les nuances de ce bel outil divinatoire. S’appuyant sur ses ateliers de tarot et le vécu de ses consultations privées, l’auteur nous dévoile ensuite sa méthodologie, et notamment les techniques qu’il convient d’observer afin d’interpréter le tirage en croix dans les règles de l’art. Pour chaque rubrique abordée dans cet ouvrage (travail, finances, amour, santé), l’auteur nous fait part de cas pratiques, des entretiens privés qu’il a réalisés à son cabinet, accompagnés du retour d’expérience des intéressés. Enfin, une «caisse à outil» est mise à notre disposition de manière à nous fournir toutes les clés nécessaires à une bonne lecture du Tarot de Marseille. Ce second livre, didactique et pédagogique, saura ravir l’apprenti tarologue.

This second book called “the user’s guide” came out in March 2014. It came into being upon the insistence of my readers. Many of them wrote me letters, coaxing me into writing this guide so as to explain the method of “tarot-reading” I display in the foreword of my first top-selling book.  Above all, they really wanted to fully understand the universal card draw named the “Cross spread”, according to the way I usually exploit it.

Not only has it proved to be of a great comfort to the tarot’s readers around the world but it also has revolutionized the classical approach to the “Cross spread” up until then.  Some of my loyal readers have been won over by this novel reading so much so that they have re-interpreted their draws in the light of my 15 years of experience: They e-mailed me back, telling me that this new method of reading is much clearer than the traditional one. I had so many good feedbacks that I felt I had to explain to you what makes it so special.

Unlike any other tarot-readers so far, I clearly state that the card labeled as “D” in the cross stands for the present, thus encapsulating the currents events on the day of your draw and has therefore nothing to do whatsoever with  the outcome or the result. Since you read the Cross spread counter clockwise, starting with card A then D, B, C and back to card A, you gradually create a cycle revolving round card E (the core of your draw). In doing so, you start interpreting past events locating between A and D then you get into the present with card D, being the link between A and B, then you move on reading the very near future between card D and B and so on and so forth.  Card C facing card D on the Cross spreads represents the future to within 3or 6 months depending on the nature of your query. In a nutshell, card D gives you major details as to what is going on in your life on the day of your reading.

One can easily draw a parallel between the pattern of the Cross spread and the card named “the wheel of fortune” depicting ugly characters, including a sphinx-like figure, revolving  around this big wheel. Except for the fact that it represents the ups and downs in life, this tarot card is intimately linked to the theory of evolution claiming that human being constantly evolves through the ages. My reasoning stems from the fact that card D cannot represent both the present and the result (the future) alike, as you find out when looking at forums or reading tarot books. This simply makes no sense at all! How could a card, no matter the meaning of the card, mix both present and future, the future suggests  upcoming events. Unfortunately, many so-called tarot-readers are pure theorists and do not practice on a daily basis the way I do, and, believe it or not, this makes a huge difference as far as results are concerned!  One cannot take things for granted and simply rely on past theories. The more you practice the closer to reality you get. Be that as it may, I do not want to get on my soapbox or get lost into details while explaining my point and strongly encourage you to purchase this book in order to make up your own point of view. Pay particular attention to page 173 in the French version, which translates the extract aforementioned.

These are the basic guidelines one has to follow to properly read the Cross spread and to avoid easy mistakes. In short, this second book is divided in 3 major parts:  part one is a thorough description of the 22 major arcana, whereas most of the second part is devoted to the Cross spread and how to read it (see above). Last but not least, the third part illustrates my viewpoint with 12 fully-explained   examples. A small section entitled “the toolbox” separates both major parts of the book; it serves mainly as an interpretation aid, reminding us of some of the key information I have gathered in my previous book.  I personally regard this small passage as a mnemonics technique…

This user’s guide is an extremely good book for tarot learners, including beginners. It teaches you the basis and gives you the ropes in order to access any “Cross Spread” draw.  It sheds a brand new light on your interpretations.



Paru en septembre 2010.

Toujours disponible…  Réimprimé pour la sixième fois !



Tarot de Marseille – Guide d’interprétation des 462 binômes
Parisse Florian


Accessible à tous et simple d’utilisation, ce guide exprime toute la saveur et la richesse du Tarot de Marseille au travers de ses 462 binômes. L’auteur explore tous les domaines qui nous intéressent au quotidien : travail, amour, santé, etc. Ainsi, avec plus de 8000 scénarios à portée de main, vous trouverez des réponses claires à toutes vos interrogations. Cet ouvrage de référence, étonnant de précision, vous permettra de décoder aisément tous les messages du tarot. Telle une bande dessinée, le graphisme des deux cartes en présence vous aidera à comprendre le type de scénario auquel vous êtes confronté. Broché – 16 x 24 – 496 pages – Illustrations N&B.

This large book entirely devoted to tarot-reading was first published in September 2010 and has been reissued numerous times ever since its launch. Considered by many tarot users as a ‘masterpiece” across the French-speaking countries, this top-selling book is the result of many years of practice and careful observation. Except for its luminous glazing cover, one of the main reasons why it sells so well stems from its novel yet amazing approach:  using solely the 22 major arcana included in the deck, the author covers a wide range of card combinations, namely 462, by pairing them together!  In fact, this comprehensive manual enables any learner to delve into the various meanings of the 22 major tarot arcana by matching them together.

Here is a useful purchase for whoever wants to hone their abilities as a tarot-reader; a book that should be regarded as a “tool box” or a “dictionary” from which every user can resort to when facing a difficult draw.  No matter whichever reading you usually fancy, these two-card draws or “binômes”, as the author names them, adapt to any situation you might encounter in everyday life: indeed, the book is divided into four different sections, (work, love, health and miscellaneous). In addition to the first section dedicated to work, a small part called “en un clin d’oeil’ literary meaning “in the twinkling of an eye” lists various trades resulting from the chemistry of both cards.

I strongly recommend this book to those amongst you who have a rather good command of tarot-reading. It might prove rather difficult for a true beginner…


N.B: Pour celles et ceux parmi vous qui ont lu et aimé les ouvrages susvisés et qui  souhaitent me faire un retour , je vous invite à déposer un commentaire en ligne sur Amazon ou Fnac.